Blue whale birthday cake

Last year I made BUB.2 a birthday cake that perfectly symbolised his temperament at four years old. This year, on his fifth birthday, my blue whale-loving boy deserved a birthday cake to symbolise how far he has come since being a volcanic four-year-old.

I had spotted a few whale cakes on the internet and quickly shut it down. They were either completely terrible or completely incredible. Let me get this straight, I have never used sugarpaste (or fondant as some people like to call it) icing before. I am not a birthday cake-maker. I’m winging it. Some birthdays I don’t bother. Usually by August, BUB.3’s birthday, I’ve completely run out of steam and I ask him which supermarket cake he would most like.

But it was June, so off I went to Hobbycraft, feeling like a (excuse the pun) fish out of water and acquired dark blue icing for the sea and pale blue for my whale.

Blue whale birthday cake

It took me a few goes at rolling out the sugarpaste icing and getting it on top of the cake (I have no kitchen at the moment so my Mum had kindly made a Mary Berry chocolate cake with buttercream icing). Eventually, probably on the eighth attempt and with BUB.3 hanging off the back of my leg, I did it.

If I had my time again I’d be more careful to create a rippling wave effect around the edge but I was just happy to get the cake covered. I could have cut around the edge and made a prettier, neater cake but decided to go rough and ready.

Fortunately, I had some sea shells to nestle in the creases. I had ordered these pretty ones from eBay.

Fondant icing sea shell

I was going to use edible glitter on the sea but decided to go for a shimmery spray instead. I managed to spray my camera, BUB.3’s face and most of the room, so be careful and, unlike me, follow the instructions.

Dr. Oetker cake shimmer spray

Next I made this little fella, following the guide I found here on Pinterest. He’s not perfect, in fact he could use a little bit of botox and most certainly a tail lift, but I liked him anyway.

Fondant icing blue whale

I created the breaking waves around the whale using these sparkling sugar crystals, also from Hobbycraft. I had thought about piping some icing to create waves, but as is often wise in issues of skill and patience when you have a two-year-old whimpering at your feet, I took the easy way out.

Sprinkles sugar crystals cake decoration

I added some silver sugar balls I had lying around to create some little bubbles. It was a whim, I was freewheeling by now.

Blue whale birthday cake

A sparkler in the shape of a 5, to denote some minor eruptions of temper still, plus five regular ones, and we were off.

So last year there was this…

Volcano birthday cake

…and this year we had this.


My boy has come a long way.


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34 thoughts on “Blue whale birthday cake

  1. You are brilliant with your cakes Lisa! I was all set to make an Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure Cake and have saved the crappy CBeebies Andy figurine, which came free with a magazine, but I’ve chickened out at the last minute. Instead I’ve bought a vastly over priced dinosaur cake topper. I’ve also commissioned a local mum to bake on my behalf as mine always turn out like frisbees. The shame! I’m sure BUB.2 is going to love your whale. Have fun x


    • We love Andy! I am sure the dinosaur cake was just as appreciated. My Mum made the actual chocolate cake (I have no kitchen…but also she’s much better at it than me!). The whale cake went down a storm although the blue icing was alarming! 🙂 xx


  2. The cake is so cute. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as shimmer spray and sparkling sugar crystals. Shows that I know very little about cake making or decorating. I think I’m best at eating. #puddinglove


  3. This is not bad at all! Don’t be too harsh on yourself. I don’t even know if I would be bothered to only bake. Direction the shop ? Reading this post at 7 am and I wouldn’t mind a piece please, yum!


  4. Oh wow!!! I love this. You’re so clever and clearly don’t give yourself enough credit! 🙂 I love the effect round the edges or the cake. I bet your little man loves it! You’ve inspired me to try making my little one’s birthday cake this year. He’s two too! #KCACOLS


    • Ooh well good luck. It’s fun although I don’t do it every year and I don’t even do it for all my kids! HA! Just when the fancy takes me. Terrible mother. 🙂


  5. Absolutely amazing creations! What a fantastic cake, so creative! love it! Mine are usually chocolate with a few strawberries on top! #kcacols


  6. That’s absolutely fantastic! Home-made cakes are the best – we did a Jurassic Park cake for my two year old’s birthday. It was definitely not shop-quality but she loved it! Those are brilliant and I hope it was well-received! #KCACOLS


  7. I LOVE this! For your first time using fondant, this is so impressive. I love the little whale, he is absolutely adorable ❤
    I'm also really digging the volcano cake as well-super rad! Thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday to your 5 year old!


  8. Great effort! My son just turned 1 so I took the easy road and just covered it in buttercream. He’s got plenty of time to start demanding elaborate designs! #KCACOLS


    • Oh yes, and that sounds delicous anyway! I must admit mine didn’t ask for this, I just decided to thrust it upon him. I think he’d prefer a shop one! 😀


  9. AH well done – I always dread making the birthday cake. We had to have a Harry Potter castle this year… Brilliant whale and lets face it how great is Pintrest for getting some ideas? Thanks for linking #PuddingLove


  10. How clever are you! That cake is such a fab idea. I love all the little details you have added and all the tips on where to buy the stuff. My little brother tends to make Little Button her birthday cakes, but I am now feeling really inspired. Thank you so much for sharing this with the #DreamTeam X


    • Ah well it’s good fun, and the results don’t really matter. It’s just fun to try. But sometimes good to get someone else to make it too! I’m a big believer in that also! 🙂 Thanks for reading xx


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