It's not all bad.


Get off the iPad. That’s my iPad. When you’ve done your homework you can have your…MY iPad. No iPad in the morning. What the hell is that on the iPad screen? I need to clean the iPad. Why does no one else charge the iPad except me, and yet I never get to use it? The iPad is DEAD again. I loved this iPad so much when I used to get a chance to use it. Where’s the iPad? It’s only got four percent. How did you know my passcode? If it just says “GET” then yes you can but if there’s a number then no you can’t. What’s this email receipt for? Did it say GET? NO? Don’t run with the iPad. You’ll smash it. What is that you’re listening to? I think I heard a swear word. Oh, that was me.

Sound familiar? Every day in our house and I need to gain some control.

But tonight, with BUB.2 tucked up in bed upstairs, BUB.1 snuggled alongside me on the sofa to show me the house he made in Minecraft for his brother.

My house is over there but I’ve not put anything in mine except two beds. One for me and one for him if he wants to come and stay.

“So I’ve made a house for him here, here’s his bedroom with a bookcase, and here’s his oven and I’ve put potato in there cooking for him, he can cook whatever he likes. And my house is over there but I’ve not put anything in mine except two beds. One for me and one for him if he wants to come and stay.”

Silence. And a little shared smile and a thankful squeeze of his knee.

In amongst the parental anxieties, pressures and concerns, it’s definitely not all bad.

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

9 thoughts on “It's not all bad.

  1. “I think I heard a swear word. Oh, that was me.” I am DYING…that is TOTALLY me hahahaha
    My son is still a little young to be obsessed with the iPad, so I’m enjoying my time with it while it lasts! He does, however, like to try and stand on it… -_- #KCACOLS


  2. AWee! It’s so sweet. All 3 of mine love Minecraft. 😀 And I def. know the feeling of “why am I the only one who charges it?” lol
    My 3 have this thing where my youngest has the tablet and the other 2 has the x box. That is until the older two fight over who’s turn it is because they can’t agree on a game….sigh lol

    I’m thinking ordering a treadmill isn’t a bad idea…”the next one who’s fighting gets to run off some steam” hehehe



  3. That’s very sweet. It isn’t all bad. I’m not as against ‘screen time’ as many parents are. I think things are very different now compared to when I was little. We live in a technological world and we can’t avoid it anymore. Of course it would be nice if they would share the iPad with you and not just use it themsleves…. Maybe one day.


  4. I actually ended up buying/upgrading to get a new iPad so I could have my own, and the kids have one, it’s useful sometimes (long journeys/restaurants etc). Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday x


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