Pigeons and rainbows

The questions have begun from BUB.3. I hope she comes up with some on a par with her older brothers….if so, here’s some of what I can look forward to.

Infuriating: CHILD: “Why is the sponge?”. ME: “Why is it what?” BUB.1: “Yeah! Why?” (I’ve gone into this strain of questioning before in this post “What was that?”…)

Adorable. CHILD: “Where does rice come from?” ME: “A field called a rice paddy. It’s a crop.” CHILD: “It doesn’t grow on daisies then?”

Mix up: CHILD: “How do caterpillars make raccoons?”

Two-pronged cuteness: CHILD: “What are rainbows made out of?” CHILD 2: “Glitter.”

Odd. CHILD: “Why doesn’t your nose have eyes?”.

Romantic: CHILD: “How does the moon go up?”

Physics: CHILD: “Where has my holiday gone?”

And the BEST question ever: CHILD (looking up at a phone wire in the street):  “Mummy, why is that pigeon not holding on?”


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