#influencingnooneoninstagram #1

I wrote about the unreality of Instagram Mums the other day and it got me thinking about my own Instagram account. I remember the exact moment I realised I would never be a proper Instagram Mum. It was when I took the bubs to see the snowdrops and not only forgot to take the ‘proper camera’ but also, my phone battery died. It felt like a disaster until I realised I had eyes and a fully-functioning nervous system complete with memory retrieval, and all was well. Looking back over my Instagram “feed” I have come across a few cherished moments that have surely benefited from a Juno filter, perhaps a Lo-Fi if I’m feeling maudlin. And then today I read about the BritMums event where bloggers get a chance to hear from today’s social influencers, the grown up women who blog about the best farm shops and the best way to hide broccoli (spoiler alert: there is no way). So, every day, for a month, I’ll post a photo from my account that I think encapsulates why no one will be looking to me a social influencer. Bad influencer, yes, social influencer? Not so much. Please join in by posting your own nicely-filtered Instagram moments that are a world away from influencing society. #influencingnooneoninstagram

Day 1: I’m starting with a double. In hindsight I realise that both of my guinea pig posts depict Simon the guinea pig humping a lookalike soft toy. He’s approaching adolescence and I think we can all see the signs. Still, my guinea pig hashtags have bought me a raft of new followers. And that’s the internet for you. Filth.








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